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Bredis Laajalahti is a new modern retail park area near Turunväylä. An excellent location at the vibrant intersection of the Sinimäentie and Turveradantie makes it easy to reach. Bredis consists of three separate buildings built around a spacious and free parking area. Daily purchases can be done conveniently in Lidl and in home department store Tokmanni. The home electronics store Power, interior department store Jysk and the garden store Plantagen will make your home flourishing. In addition, the first Leo’s play centre in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area provides sports adventures and games for children and for people young at heart. Get up, go out and jump together with the whole family.


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  • Mon-Fri 10-19 Sat 10-16 Sun 12-16

    JYSK is a Scandinavian company that has roots in Scandinavian culture, and we are very proud of it. Scandinavian does not only mean confidence towards our staff, good working environment and salary. It also refers to our product range and product quality. We offer Scandinavian design to our customers, with the focus on modern and simple design. For our customers, this means that they can buy furniture, beds and interior goods with Scandinavian design, both in our store and in our online store. This is our way to offer a small piece of Scandinavia to our customers.

    JYSK – Scandinavian Sleeping and Living

    Phone 044 4100 590

    Mon-Fri 10-19 Sat 10-16 Sun 12-16
  • Mon-Sun 10-19

    Leo’s is the largest and most visited play center chain in the Nordics with over 40 play centers (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland). The company is in an expansive phase and expect to establish 6-8 new play centers each year, the target is 50 centers in 2019. When the company was started in 2006 in Luleå, Sweden, the founders wanted to create a place for families focused on play and movement. It is more relevant than ever, as research shows that children are exercising too little today. The company’s success is based on a strong concept of play, fun and movement for the whole family.

    Check the holiday (e.g. Christmas, New Year and Midsummer) opening hours from our website.


    Mon-Sun 10-19
  • Mon-Fri 8-22 Sat 8-21 Sun 10-21

    From Lidl you can always get quality delicacies with an affordable price quickly and easily. Also check out our theme weeks so you can get to know the tastes of different countries!

    From the baking spot, you can have wonderful freshly baked breads and pastries daily with very little money. From our consumer goods section you will find, among other things, high quality accessories and useful home accessories with a low price. Welcome!

    Check out our current offers and exceptions to opening hours at

    Phone 0800 05435 (Customer service open on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm)

    Mon-Fri 8-22 Sat 8-21 Sun 10-21
  • Mon-Fri 10-19 Sat 10-18 Sun 12-17

    Plantagen keeps growing and is opening a new store in Laajalahti. Our mission is to improve life with plants for the many. Our passion for plants drives our unique range of plants and plant solutions. If you want to grow your own, we can help you! In our stores you will find plants, vegetables, berries, fruits, soil and fertilisers. Welcome!

    Plantagen – we are growing like weeds!

    Mon-Fri 10-19 Sat 10-18 Sun 12-17
  • Mon-Fri 10-20 Sat 10-18 Sun 12-18

    Power has been a success in Finland. At the end of 2018 there are 37 Power stores in Finland. Price robot is following competitors’ prices around the clock and makes sure that prices at Power are always cheap. With the help of digital price tags there is always the same cheap price in Power stores as there is at

    Mon-Fri 10-20 Sat 10-18 Sun 12-18
  • Mon-Fri 10-20 Sat 10-18 Sun 12-18

    Stadium Outlet is a concept that is part of the Stadium Group, that offers sports equipment and clothes with a low price. Prices in our wide product selection are 40-70% lower than regular prices. From Stadium Outlet you can find for ex. cheap sneakers, sport clothes, running shoes, underwear, shirts, etc.

    Welcome to Stadium Outlet.

    Phone 020 7900 249

    Mon-Fri 10-20 Sat 10-18 Sun 12-18
  • Mon–Fri 8–21 Sat 8–20 Sun 10–19

    Tokmanni is the largest general discount retailer in Finland measured by number of stores and revenue. We offer our customers an interesting and wide assortment of products, for example clothes, groceries, technochemical products, textiles, tools, household products and seasonal products, at affordable prices in stores and in online store.

    Phone 020 7784 870

    *Calls to numbers beginning with 020 cost 8,35 cent/phone call +7,02 cent/min from fixed telephone network and 8,35 cent/phone call + 17,17 cent/min from mobile phone. Calls from outside Finland: international rate as applicable.

    Mon–Fri 8–21 Sat 8–20 Sun 10–19

You reach us by bike from Mankkaa in 6 minutes and from Kauniainen in 13 minutes.

For the best cycling routes, see HSL.


 and 212 stops at the Turvesuonristi bus stop.

For more timetables, see HSL.


You reach us easily by car. Driving time from Helsinki-Turku road is ca. 2 minutes. From Kauniainen ca. 6 min and Tapiola ca. 7 min.

There is free parking spaces in the yard.

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